What To Know About Real Estate Zoning Laws in NY

New York is not just densely populated but well laid. Like every other world city, the tenth-largest city of the world has its fair share of complex zoning laws. If you’re into real estate in New York City, it will be in your best interest to hire a reputable land use/property attorney to be on the safer books of the NYC law.

The Purpose

Different cities and regions have long adopted zoning ordinances to help regulate the siting of industrial districts, businesses, and residential. One of the core reasons for enacting such laws is to facilitate the fair use and orderly development of land across New York. It promotes a systematic pattern of growth, making the environment serene. The zoning ordinances also place some restrictions on the owner’s use of his realty. This legal instrument can be best described as a tool, used to regulate and establish limits on the use of lands and building description in NY and other world cities.

Knowing the ebb and flow of the New York City zoning ordinances can considerably come handy and give you an upper hand in the real estate business of NY.

The Unique NYC Zoning Law

As with every other part of the US, a good knowledge of the zoning ordinance is crucial when negotiating purchase, development, or redevelopment of commercial real estate in New York. Following the first NYC zoning laws, which was established in 1961, many world cities have had similar laws. The current New York City’s zoning law is an apple that falls just close to the tree.

Today, the New York City zoning laws are so uniquely formulated to foster rapid growth and development of one of the biggest cities in the world. These laws have continued to evolve and restructured to encourage widespread development across all lengths and breaths of NY.

The New York City Planning Department has provided an easier means of accessing the city’s zoning and land use map. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial district, you can now get to know your property’s zoning, discover the city plans and proposals for your neighborhood.