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Specialist in handling real estate litigation for developers, owners, and investors. Our team can come in and assist with real estate legal disputes dealing with liens, zoning, breach of contracts and so much more.

So you decided to buy or sell a house in Fresh Meadows, NY?

Congratulations as you have come to the right place. The “Ledger” featured real estate lawyer will be providing you with high-end tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your real estate deal without getting short-ended at closing. By being well versed in all NY real estate law we can better represent our clients to save the costs and get the litigation done quickly.

In addition to offering you an exciting blog and guide we also offer a directory. That’s right, stay tuned as soon the best real estate attorneys in the area will be at your fingertips. We will bring you the best legal professionals around so that you can spend your time doing what you need to do.

You Are A Click Away From Closing, our specialized attorney can help your handle the legal help for the closing process from A to Z.

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